Q&A: Natural look lip augmentation?

Lip AugmentationMost patients seeking lip augmentation are looking to increase fullness and ‘the pouty’ look, but also for it to appear as natural as possible.  That includes the lips feeling as natural as possible as well.  And many new patients tend to worry over whether or not the doctor will make their lips too full, like some of the Hollywood starlets who go overboard on the poutiness.

This is in fact a much more involved process than simply pumping filler into your lips.  A true professional takes into account not just your lips, but the overall facial balance as well, and uses that to craft the most pleasing result possible.

To ensure that you get a result that you like, it is important to find out the aesthetics of the physician you will be seeing. Does the doctor prefer a natural aesthetic for his/her patients? Is the doctor conservative when it comes to fillers? Do you like the before and after photos on the doctor’s website?

Once you find a doctor with a similar aesthetic as yours, be sure to discuss your goals with the doctor to ensure that you are both on the same page regarding the result you desire. It is important that you feel listened to and understood by the doctor who will be treating you.

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