Q&A: What is a one-hour facelift?

One-Hour FaceliftI am not a proponent of the “quick lift” or “thread lift” facelift methods for my patients. Usually there is simply more that needs to be done than can be rushed through in an hour, and if your surgeon doesn’t do the full procedure, then you certainly don’t get the full result. Also the long terms results are not as beneficial as the modern day, or SMAS  facelift.

Patients deserve the very best for themselves, and making the decision to undergo a surgical procedure is not an easy one. Once a patient has decided to pursue a procedure, it is important to make sure you are getting the most you can in the way of long term and natural looking results, as well as a board certified surgeon who is highly experienced in the facelift procedure. When looked at this way, the “shortcut” of doing something like a one hour facelift is not recommended.

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