San Francisco Buttock Augmentation Surgery

If you’re considering buttocks augmentation in San Francisco:

Micro Fat Grafting Involves Injection of Tiny Fat Droplets

The surgeon removes fat from selected areas of the patient’s body (usually the lower back, hips or flanks) by liposuction, purifies and processes the fat, and then injects the specially treated fat cells into the buttocks. The process of micro fat injections involves making scores, or even hundreds, of separate injections through the same tiny incisions.

Microinjection uses special cannulas, or needles, and specialized techniques in placing the processed fat to maximize their receiving a sufficient blood supply to survive in their new location in the buttocks tissue.

Comparing the Brazilian Butt Lift to Buttock Implants

I’ve learned that in Northern California, my patients prioritize a natural result with using their own tissues instead of implants as much as possible. Buttock implants, which might be favorable for patients elsewhere, just aren’t popular with patients in San Francisco.

Brazilian butt lift surgery, achieved by the microinjection technique, results in the highest permanent absorption rate of the fat and is considered the best way to achieve the most permanent natural result for buttock augmentation. Buttock implants, on the other hand, can be fraught with complications years later because an artificial silicone implant doesn’t incorporate into your normal tissues the way a fat graft can.

The fat grafting technique for buttock augmentation takes significantly longer to perform due to the special processing and delicate insertion of the fat grafts, and requires a plastic surgeon like Dr. Mosser who is specialized in this particular type of “microlipofilling” procedure.

However, it can result in 50 to 75 percent of the grafted fat remaining for the long term, and what does remain after one year stays permanently. Side effects are minimal and most normal activities can be resumed in about five days. A compression garment is worn for about six weeks.

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