Streamlining your jawline

LiposelectionOften, in spite of regular exercise and diet, you may find that you have excess fatty deposits under your chin or around your jawline. Even a very small excess of fat can spoil facial features that are otherwise smooth and youthful.  There are two simple procedures which can be used to streamline your jawline – liposelection or surgical incision.

 Usually one of two liposuction techniques are employed:tumescent (or super-wet technique) liposuction which requires an infusion of saline and a blood vessel constricting agent to prevent bleeding before excess fat is removed by suction; or Vaser liposelection, a patented technique also using ultrasound, which is safe and has the shortest recovery time. Depending on skin elasticity and the amount of fat removed the neck skin will retract to fit the new jawline contour.

 Depending on the location, amount of fatty tissue, and the amount of excess skin that remains after the fat is removed, it may be necessary to make a surgical incision to remove the unwanted fatty tissue plus a small amount of excess skin. Tiny sutures made along the under side of the jawline to close the incision would leave a barely discernable hairline scar.

 Streamlining your jawline may be done alone or, more frequently, in conjunction with a mini or full face lift.

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