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Understanding the Basics of Fat Grafting

Silicone implants have been employed for a while now in plastic surgery such as breast augmentation and buttock enhancement. Currently, fat grafting in lieu of implants is slowly taking the center stage. Fat transfer is nothing new in cosmetic surgery though. It has long been used in filling in hollowed cheeks and pitted scars. At CONTINUE READING

How long will fat grafting results last?

Results can vary, depending upon several factors such as what area is being grafted and how it is placed.  Fat grafting is a highly skilled procedure, requiring a surgeon with experience and knowledge to perform it successfully.  The survival of the fat will depend upon those skills and will be the result of how the CONTINUE READING

The ultimate in recycling: Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is the process of removing excess fat from one part of a patient’s body by liposuction, processing the fat removed, and then selectively injecting it into other areas of the same patient’s body. Fat grafting has been in use for years for facial reshaping and to replace sunken areas caused by aging, surgery, CONTINUE READING