The Three Biggest Causes of Premature Skin Aging

Skin AgingPlastic surgery has come a long way, but it’s still not the fountain of youth. There isn’t any way to halt, or even slow, the aging process. That said, there are certain behaviors that can speed up the aging of your skin. Here are the three worst offenders.

1 – Smoking

Smoking has a hugely detrimental effect on your skin. And just being a casual smoker, a few cigarettes here and there, isn’t any better. The only safe amount to smoke is to not smoke at all, so kick the habit and your skin will thank you.

2 – UV Exposure

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays obviously ages your skin more quickly. And this isn’t just in the middle of summer. Sun exposure damages your skin the whole year through, so cover up and use sunscreen.

3 – An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Other unhealthy lifestyle choices age your skin more quickly. A poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, dehydration, sleep deprivation, and other factors can act to prematurely age your skin.

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