Hi There!  For much much more information about transgender chest and body surgery please visit the website Dr. Mosser created that is exclusive to transgender surgery.   To visit this resource, which has many more photos, resources, and a wealth of information on many aspects of top surgery and body contouring please visit: or click on the link below:

Transgender Surgery

San Francisco Gender Confirmation Center

Are you considering gender reassignment surgery of the chest area? We understand that it’s a big decision, and choosing to undergo a gender reassignment surgical procedure should be thoroughly discussed with a Board Certified plastic surgeon experienced in such an area.

Whether you are looking to have a FTM surgery done, or a MTF surgery done, choosing an experienced plastic surgeon is important in achieving safe and satisfactory results. While reliable information on transgender procedures can be found all over the web, we have found much of it to be inaccurate, and could in fact lead to a decision that proves dangerous to your health.

Speaking personally with a surgeon experienced in sex change procedures is the only way to ensure a safe and happy outcome. That is why Dr. Mosser assists San Francisco Bay area patients with their journey in allowing their outer appearance to reflect their real inner selves, by providing consult and discussing with you your own unique case and needs.

In a welcoming environment, Dr. Mosser will discuss your chest gender reassignment goals with you, and strive to educate and empower you to make the best surgical decision for yourself that is possible.

Please click on a link below to learn more about your chest gender reassignment surgery of interest.

FTM Transgender Chest Surgery | MTF Transgender Chest Surgery