MTF Chest Surgery

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MTF Chest Surgery (Breast Augmentation)

Dr. Mosser is known throughout the San Francisco Bay area for his natural breast augmentation surgery. He is widely sought out for this procedure, and has a great deal of experience with MTF chest surgery patients.

Considerations required for a MTF gender reassignment are very similar to the considerations a woman might make for a typical breast augmentation. Some things to think about when having a breast augmentation for a MTF chest procedure are the size and type of the implants (Saline or Silicone). Dr. Mosser will discuss both of these options with you during your gender reassignment consultation.

Also, a kit has been designed by Allergan for patients considering MTF breast augmentation, which can be delivered directly to your home. This kit includes implant sizers, an educational DVD, and exclusive discounts on other products. For more information, you can click here.

Another important element to consider in your MTF chest surgery is where the implant should be placed, or which type of incision you prefer for your gender reassignment procedure. The options are an inframammary fold incision, which is beneath the breast; areolar incision; or trans-axilary incision, which is hidden in the underarm area.

An inframammary fold incision is placed in the crease where the breast and chest meet. The implant is then slid up into a “pocket” that is created for the implant, and centered behind the nipple. Any scarring is minimal, and easily disguised beneath a swimsuit, within the fold of the breast.

An areolar incision is beneficial as your surgeon is working close to the breast during your MTF chest surgery. The incision is made just around the areola where dark meets light, to help scar tissue to blend in.

Finally, a trans-incision is placed beneath a patient’s underarm. This technique allows easy placement of the implant oreither above or below the muscle, depending upon the patient’s choice, but can’t be used with larger Silicone implants. The surgeon is also farther away from the breast, which makes placement slightly more difficult.

The most suitable option for you is best determined in a consultation with Dr. Mosser, and is based on your own unique anatomy. Dr. Mosser always makes every effort to make these incisions as inconspicuous as possible, regardless of the type that you choose.

The treatment time for MTF chest surgery is short, and patients return home after surgery to recover in the comfort of their own homes. Most patients return to normal activities relatively quickly after their surgery, and high exertion activities (such as working out, heavy lifting, or other activities that can raise the heart rate) can be resumed 21 days after your transgender breast augmentation.

During your consultation, Dr. Mosser will discuss the above information with you in much greater detail, and come up with a surgical plan that works well with your anatomy and meets your MTF gender reassignment goals safely and successfully.

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