The Weather’s Warming Up Yet You’re Still Panicking About Your Muffin Top!

Tummy TuckJune is just around the corner and it seems like everyone around you is starting to shed the heavy coats and bulky sweater of winter! You, on the other hand, may be panicking at the thought of baring everything as the weather warms up because of the dreaded muffin top. Before you give up and assume that all is lost, a visit to our San Francisco plastic surgery practice may just be the best last minute decision you’ll ever make.

The Problem

If you’re still uncertain what a muffin top is, it’s actually the oh-so-familiar belly overhang just above your hips that makes it impossible for you to wear your favorite tight fitting jeans or trousers. Here at our practice, we understand why it’s dreaded by many.

The Solutions

The good news is that there are a lot of ways to either camouflage or completely banish the muffin top out of your life for good. We’ve rounded up the tried-and-tested methods below! Keep in mind that each method will most likely work to your advantage if they’re done simultaneously. Think of them as variables in an equation.

1. Exercise the right way.

The perfect combination of physical activity to help reduce the appearance of a muffin top is to do both cardiovascular training and weightlifting/strength training exercises. Choose an activity that will increase your heart rate and a parallel activity that will consequently work your core muscles — a group of muscles that support your abdomen and the back. 

2. Eat from whole food sources and avoid processed foods as much as you can.

In addition, you might want to limit your portions if you tend to eat for two. Majority of what you eat should be from lean meat, fish, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

3. Avoid low-rise pants and jeans like the plague.

Low-rise trousers and a tight t-shirt or blouse is a deadly combination when it comes to revealing your muffin top. Consider wearing mid-rise or high-rise jeans that will most likely flatter your figure. In addition, avoid wearing tops that don’t hit past your hip bone. When buying new tops, lift your arms and move around when trying them on to figure out its actual length.

Consider Liposuction (and Maybe a Tummy Tuck, Too)

Muffin tops are actually pockets of fat that can be addressed with liposuction. This body-contouring procedure can refine and contour areas of the body in which pockets of fat tend to be resistant to diet and exercise. Dr. Mosser’s goal in using liposuction to help get rid of your muffin top is to remove fat aggressively in the waist but leave some fat near the hip area for an hour-glass appearance.

Liposuction is ideal for individuals with good skin elasticity. If you have loose abdominal skin and tissues, you might consider liposuction with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) to completely eliminate the dreaded muffin top.

Your Liposuction Options in San Francisco, California

Dr. Mosser performs 3 types of liposuction here at our San Francisco plastic surgery practice: tumescent, ultrasound-assisted, and VASER liposuction.

In addition, we also offer a non-invasive approach to reducing the appearance of your muffin top through CoolSculpting! The procedure itself is FDA-approved and is becoming increasingly popular due to its non-invasive nature, primarily the lack of surgical incisions. There is no downtime involved thus this procedure is perfect for men and women who do not have the luxury of longer recovery periods.

Let us help you figure out which type of liposuction  is ideal for your aesthetic goals, needs, and current lifestyle. 

Call us at 415.398.7778 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you get rid of your muffin top and baring everything this summer!

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