Weighing the Pros and Cons of the Brazilian Butt Lift


Patient education is one of Dr. Mosser’s priorities in his San Francisco plastic surgery practice. We have noticed over the years that a well-informed patient is most likely to be satisfied with the outcomes of surgery than those who didn’t take the time to ask questions and carefully evaluate their plastic surgery options.

Like all types of cosmetic surgery, a Brazilian butt lift has its own cluster of risks and possible complications too. Yet with the right combination of surgeon’s skills and the patient’s physical readiness for the procedure, the best Brazilian butt lift results possible can be achieved.

The Pros
Buttock enhancement via fat transfer offers the advantage of natural-looking results in comparison to butt implants. Furthermore, there is no allergic reaction or any form of rejection because fat from your own body will be used. Also, since excess fat is harvested in other parts of the body, there is also the advantage of achieving more than just fuller and firmer buttocks but also a slimmer waistline, flanks or thighs.

The Cons
Sitting or any activity that applies direct pressure on the gluteal region should be avoided for roughly 3 to 4 weeks. If you sit sooner as recommended, there’s a huge chance that the fat grafts will not be properly absorbed by the body. Moreover, a Brazilian butt lift is not for everyone. Generally, there should be enough body fat to be harvested and transferred for buttock enhancement. Women with insufficient fat may choose to have implants.

Planning for Your Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Mosser
The soaring popularity of butt enhancement via fat transfer has unfortunately led to cases wherein the procedure is performed by inexperienced surgeons. If you’re thinking of having the procedure, finding a skilled practitioner like Dr. Mosser is crucial.

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