Your Wrinkles May Make You Appear Chronically Sad or Angry

SkinAging SkinA combination of the normal aging process in your skin, sun exposure and the effects of gravity could result to wrinkle formation. Apart from making you look old, the appearance of wrinkles also has a profound impact on one’s self-esteem. Here at our San Francisco cosmetic surgery practice, men and women share their sentiments regarding how they are perceived to be upset or sad (when they aren’t!) due to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Because Science Says So
We shouldn’t be too surprised with those sorts of responses, as recent studies have shown that the appearance of wrinkles could actually influence how people interpret your emotions. This LiveScience article published the results of a study in which the participants were asked to rate the level of emotion from photographs of older adults’ faces. It was revealed that the participants rated the faces of older adults as more angry and sad than the faces of the younger adults. All the faces in the photographs actually had neutral expressions.

Carlos Garrido, one of the study’s researchers, speculated that such perception of older adults may have to do with the appearance of creases in the forehead and around the mouth area. The researchers further pointed out that more studies on the subject may be needed to verify their study’s results.

Undesirable Consequences
Dr. Scott Mosser and the rest of the team here at our practice understand that seeking cosmetic solutions for creases and wrinkles is more than just an issue of vanity. False perception and interpretation of your emotions could lead to undesirable consequences in real life such as being thought of by your colleagues at work as chronically depressed or your manager may not even consider you for promotion due to you looking consistently angry.

Facial Rejuvenation Options in San Francisco and neighboring areas
The good news is there are tons of facial rejuvenation options, whether surgical or non-surgical, here at our San Francisco cosmetic surgery practice — from face lift to Botox to dermal fillers.

Let us help you improve your appearance and consequently the quality of your life! Enhancing people’s lives and witnessing positive changes in self confidence are key reasons Dr. Mosser chose plastic surgery as his profession. Get in touch with us by calling 415.398.7778 or by filling out this contact form to schedule an appointment. We look forward to your visit!

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