Brazilian Butt Lift Popularity

By Dr. Scott W. Mosser

It’s never been a secret that body shape is a key factor in determining physical attraction and genetic selection for both men and women. Countless studies have endeavored to determine just what constitutes the optimal proportions for a woman’s body. Changing tastes and styles may alter the social and public perceptions of what the current “fashionable” ideal woman’s height, weight and body proportions are. But viewed over the centuries it has pretty much remained a constant that the human male is most attracted to a female whose waist measurement is 70% of her hip measurement. In the earliest days of mankind, when choosing the best mate was a matter of genetic survival, a woman’s well-rounded buttocks implied health and fertility. A study of the depiction of the female form in art throughout the ages confirms the never-ending appeal of shapely, well-proportioned buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

A South American Trend

Over the past few years, Dr. Mosser has seen a sharp increase in consultations with both return patients and new patients asking for information specifically on how they can achieve higher, more rounded and curvaceous buttocks, or even asking by name for what is now commonly referred to as the Brazilian butt lift. San Francisco Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mosser is seeing more and more of these consult requests every week. In the past, a procedure to reshape the buttocks has often been considered together with other procedures in an overall program to alter body contours, such as a full body lift, using methods such as liposuction (or LipoSelection). But, today, more and more women who otherwise have little or no need of liposuction are choosing to have their buttocks augmented to achieve a rounder, higher, fuller look. Whether your goal is to correct the too-flat derriere you were born with, reshape your body following weight loss or pregnancy, or simply to look and feel great in a Brazilian bikini, you have several choices. Dr. Mosser always takes the time to describe the advantages and disadvantages of every procedure available and discusses with patients their specific goals. That way you and Dr. Mosser can together choose the procedure that both suits you medically and achieves the maximum aesthetic results.

What are Your Options for Buttock Enhancement?

Buttock enhancement, or glutoplasty, is the lifting, sculpting, or augmenting of the buttocks to achieve a more esthetic body proportion. The buttocks can be reshaped using three distinctly different methods:

  • Simple removal of excess skin and tightening the skin above the upper part of the buttocks which results in a subtle natural lifting of the buttocks.
  • Augmentation by inserting solid and semi-solid silicone implants. Because of the risk of complications and problems with implants in the area of the buttocks, I don’t recommend this procedure.
  • Fat grafting using fat removed from other parts of the patient’s body (the “Brazilian Butt Lift”)

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