September Specials – Injectable Fillers

The big news: 20% off all injectables (a savings of anywhere from $100-200 per syringe) through September! Usually reserved for patients new to the practice, we are extending our 20% off welcome to all patients in the practice for the month of September. Read below to see what additional news might be helpful for you! CONTINUE READING

Invest Your Cosmetic Surgery Budget in the Most Effective Procedures

You may be like many people who would like to improve their skin or body contour but automatically assume that you probably couldn’t afford the expense of a procedure. With modern advances in cosmetic surgery and a new generation of ‘miracle’ anti-aging products available, there are many options which are much less expensive than you CONTINUE READING

Ask the Doctor: When is it time for a facelift?

Looking in a mirror one day and saying to oneself, “My face looks so much older than I feel. How can I do something about it?” triggers a process of self analysis, investigation of (many) surgical and non-surgical options, and several difficult decisions. Not the least of these is deciding how best to spend your CONTINUE READING

Silicone Breast Implants are Back!

On November 17, 2006 the FDA finally approved silicone breast implants for breast augmentation. This was certainly a momentous day for breast augmentation surgery as it allows for women to have this important option when they consider breast enhancement surgery. Certainly there is a lot to talk about regarding the pros and cons of breast CONTINUE READING

Your Smoking Habits and Scheduling Cosmetic Surgery

As a physician I am well aware of the detrimental effect that habitual smoking has on the health of any individual, and when the subject comes up I’m always quick to remind my patients of how much they have to gain by giving up the habit. However, when I have a patient planning cosmetic surgery, CONTINUE READING

The Lifespan of a Breast Implant is 10 Years: Myth or Fact?

I’m aware that it must be all over the internet that the lifespan of a breast implant is 10 years. And, like all things in medicine, the issue just isn’t that simple. In short, plastic surgeons use a 10-year period to discuss the risk of needing to go back to surgery for some sort of CONTINUE READING

Waist Management: Is a Mini Tummy Tuck Your Best Option?

There is never a good reason to have more electric plastic surgery than you absolutely need to achieve your aesthetic goals.Don’t ever apply the old adage, “While I’m at it I might as well…”.There are several “mini” plastic surgery procedures which are tailored to correct a specific facial or body feature you wish to improve CONTINUE READING