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Understanding the Basics of Fat Grafting

Silicone implants have been employed for a while now in plastic surgery such as breast augmentation and buttock enhancement. Currently, fat grafting in lieu of implants is slowly taking the center stage. Fat transfer is nothing new in cosmetic surgery though. It has long been used in filling in hollowed cheeks and pitted scars. At CONTINUE READING

How to Achieve Optimum Outcomes with the Brazilian Butt Lift

Deciding on a Brazilian butt lift requires thorough assessment and evaluation both on your end and your surgeon’s. Once you have scheduled the exact date of your operation, taking steps to be physically and emotionally ready for the surgery should be a priority. In plastic surgery, how you prepare for the procedure plays a crucial CONTINUE READING

Weighing the Pros and Cons of the Brazilian Butt Lift

Patient education is one of Dr. Mosser’s priorities in his San Francisco plastic surgery practice. We have noticed over the years that a well-informed patient is most likely to be satisfied with the outcomes of surgery than those who didn’t take the time to ask questions and carefully evaluate their plastic surgery options. Like all CONTINUE READING

How to Deal with Sagging Skin Issues

The hallmark attributes of youthful skin is similar across cultures and ethnicities: firm, elastic, smooth, and free of defects or blemishes. However, the human body changes over time and the skin is no exception. As the largest organ in the body, it undergoes a tremendous number of changes from infancy to childhood to adolescence to CONTINUE READING

The Ideal Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Although the Brazilian butt lift didn’t make it to the top 5 surgical cosmetic procedures in 2013, it is actually one of the procedures in which consumer interest was found out to increase quickly in numbers from 2012 to 2013. Specifically, it has been estimated that there was roughly a 16 percent increase in the CONTINUE READING

Fat grafting is the best long-term means of buttock augmentation

Many things have been tried to improve the size and shape of the buttock area.Newer developments in fat grating (called microlipofilling) have enabled the fat that is taken out of the body with liposuction to be used again in the buttock areas.  With a meticulous approach, a surgeon can ensure that up to 70-80% of CONTINUE READING

Q&A: Will a Brazilian Butt Lift help fix my hips?

The same technique used in the Brazilian Buttock Lift, which is called “Micro fat grafting”, could be used to add more volume to your hip area. The procedure would involve liposuction to another area of the body, such as the abdomen, and then these tissues would be skillfully injected to the hip area in order CONTINUE READING

Q&A: Arm lift, Mini Tummy Tuck, and Brazilian Butt Lift in one surgery?

It is generally not advisable to have these three procedures done at the same time.  Combining body contouring procedures such as this, especially when they are somewhat time intensive procedures increases post-operative complications. These types of body contouring procedures are very common after a significant weight loss, but it is best to practice a bit CONTINUE READING

Q&A: How long is the recovery time for Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Buttock Lift is typically an out-patient procedure, meaning you can have the lift done, and go home the same day, with restrictions.  Some patients may choose to stay overnight in a health care facility. The recovery time for the Brazilian Buttock Lift generally involves taking about 1 week away from work, and 3 CONTINUE READING