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What Makes Forever Young BBL Different From Other Laser Therapies?

What Makes Forever Young BBL Different From Other Laser Therapies? Sure, almost everyone knows that prolonged sun exposure is the root of all skin aging evils — from deep forehead lines to uneven skin tone. Yet, spending more time outdoors is also one of the genuinely beautiful ways to relax and regain focus, whether in CONTINUE READING

Why Saying Hello to Halo Gives You the Best of Both Worlds in Laser

Let’s face it, nothing is far more attractive than skin that naturally glows! However, the chronic war against enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, and age spots make the quest for healthy, radiant skin a struggle for many of our wonderful clients at our San Francisco laser rejuvenation practice. Often, no matter how much preventive measures CONTINUE READING

4 Procedures You Can Get During Your Lunch Break

Cosmetic surgery enhancement has been around for a long time – but like the pace of modern life in the Bay Area, treatment times keep getting faster and faster. So fast that a number of procedures can even be completed over your lunch break. Unwanted hair, uneven skin tone, fine lines and even wrinkles can CONTINUE READING

Q&A: Is there a non surgical face lift that works?

Non-surgical facelifts are simply alternative options used to increase volume and reduce wrinkles in the face. It is not a true facelift.  Usually this is achieved by Botox, fillers, and lasers, or a combination of these methods.  A true facelift however requires surgery in order to adjust the underlying structures of the face back to CONTINUE READING