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Which filler do you recommend for the cheek area?

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing the right filler to enhance the cheeks.  Costs play a role, as do ease of injection and how long the filler lasts. You also need to consider your unique goals and the amount of volume required.  For large amounts of volume, Sculptra is one of CONTINUE READING

How long will swelling last if I get fat grafting to the cheek area?

Significant facial swelling can be seen for 1-2 weeks after your procedure.  A complete resolution of all swelling should be apparent at 2-3 months.  However true facial definition (such as in the thinner areas of the face) can take several months to completely reappear based on how long ago you had the grafting done, and CONTINUE READING

How do I decide whether to get cheek implants or filler?

Each procedure has both its pros and its cons.  With fat grafting, the fat will usually stay in position, but whether or not all the fat grafted will survive isn’t entirely reliable.  It depends largely on the skill and techniques used by the surgeon performing the procedure.   Additional surgeries are possible for additional corrections. With CONTINUE READING

I am thinking about using a filler near my cheeks before the holidays. How long should I expect swelling to last before I am picture perfect?

When done by a professional experienced with injectables, results can often be seen almost immediately after treatment.  When done correctly there is very little bruising or swelling immediately. Over the course of the next 3-5 days you may then see some minor swelling, but after the 5th day that should be resolved almost entirely.  As CONTINUE READING