How do I decide whether to get cheek implants or filler?

Cheek ImplantEach procedure has both its pros and its cons.  With fat grafting, the fat will usually stay in position, but whether or not all the fat grafted will survive isn’t entirely reliable.  It depends largely on the skill and techniques used by the surgeon performing the procedure.   Additional surgeries are possible for additional corrections.

With cheek implants, there may be the possibility of future procedures related to the implants, but the main issue with implants is that they tend to change your fundamental appearance just a bit.  This can certainly be a good thing, but it’s important for patients to be aware of this fact before proceeding.  Fat grafting and fillers tend to not affect your fundamental ‘look’ and instead give you a softer and sometimes rounder appearance.

For more temporary results, fillers can be used to enhance the cheek area, and are less invasive.  However your costs after multiple treatments can often be comparable to the costs of implants or fat grafting, so talk to your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  They can then help you decide the best course of action based on your particular situation and goals.

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