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Mommy Makeovers

They have combined specific procedures to make mommy appear like she was before the blessed event of pregnancy. It lifts your breast up, and if needed, you can have their size altered. Your abdomen can be slimmed and tightened and before you know it, your girlish figure is back intact. Some women are so depressed CONTINUE READING

When to Choose the Inframammary Incision in Breast Augmentation

Many women who visit us for the first time here at our San Francisco plastic surgery practice for a breast augmentation consultation would often express their concern about scarring after the procedure. Although scarring after having breast implants can be influenced by various factors such as genetics, sun exposure, and smoking habits, the incision you CONTINUE READING

Is It Time For You To Get Rid of Your ‘Man Boobs’?

Dr. Mosser earlier wrote a post about the possible causes of man boobs, also known as gynecomastia. As discussed, there are various factors that influence the appearance of unusually enlarged male breasts — from hormonal shifts to obesity to use of certain medications. However, its exact cause is still unknown. Here at our Union Square CONTINUE READING

How Soon Can I Drive After Getting Breast Implants?

Every so often, women who visit us during initial consultations here at our Union Square plastic surgery practice will ask us about the activities they can and cannot do after their breast augmentation surgery. “How soon can I drive after I have my breast implants?” is one of the most common questions that Dr. Mosser CONTINUE READING

Can You Still Get Breast Implants If You’re an Athlete?

Many women visit our San Francisco Bay Area plastic surgery practice for the first time to ask about their breast augmentation options. Every so often, one of their concerns is whether or not breast implants can interfere with their athletic activities. It’s not uncommon for most of our patients regularly running marathons, doing CrossFit, or CONTINUE READING

Bringing Out the Best Your Breasts Have to Offer

While many women turn to the likes of breast augmentation for a boost for their natural figure they want to find comfort in their bodies the best they can without cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation is the best solution to add volume, size and shape for women’s breasts, but most women do not think about keeping CONTINUE READING

What are Cereform Breast Implants?

Cereform implants are produced by a company located in the North of France.  They are not however FDA approved for use here in the U.S. so you need to be very careful should you choose to go that route.  If you are U.S. based and a surgeon is offering to use these you should seek CONTINUE READING

Are Saline or Silicone Implants Better for Tubular Breasts?

For a procedure like this I’d recommend strongly that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon with quite a bit of experience in augmentation and cases of tubular breasts.  You’ll be able to do a physical examine and determine what specifically your best options may be. Generally, tubular breasts require a surgical release of CONTINUE READING

Do Small Saline Breast Implants Ripple Much?

Rippling can be caused by several things.  It has more to do with the amount of tissue covering the implants, how loose the skin is and how much the implants are filled.  So the size of the implants is not really a major contributor, though of course larger implants can be more visible for a CONTINUE READING

Best Approach to Improve Breast Asymmetry?

Perfect symmetry unfortunately isn’t possible.  Everyone is born with a bit of discrepancy in size from one side of their bodies to the other.  The goal is to make it appear as evenly matched as you can so that the discrepancies aren’t as noticeable. Differently sized implants can help with some unevenness, but for small CONTINUE READING