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What You Need to Know Before Having Rhinoplasty

Men and women seek Dr. Mosser’s expertise in rhinoplasty here at our San Francisco cosmetic surgery practice for various reasons. Some find their noses too large or too broad for their face while others think that the base is too wide, the tip doesn’t seem to “fit in” when they smile, or it’s either too CONTINUE READING

And the ‘Best Nose of 2012’ award goes to…

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, than the Duchess of Cambridge should be feeling pretty good right about now. Not only is her style emulated across the globe, her looks have even inspired a new trend in cosmetic surgery – look-a-like rhinoplasty. According to a recent survey released by the Transform Cosmetic Surgery CONTINUE READING

How is rhinoplasty in Hispanic patients different than in other patients?

Definitely each ethnicity has different characteristics.  Once upon a time surgeons were trained to view the Caucasian aesthetic as the ideal look when performing a rhinoplasty.  However, over time that training has evolved, and instead of a “one size fits all” mentality, surgeons now try to create an ideal that fits the individual, rather than CONTINUE READING

How does injection rhinoplasty work?

Injection rhinoplasty is when a filler such as Radiesse is used to fill in a portion of the nose to alleviate the appearance of a bump.  This is typically a procedure used to correct small defects, and should be done with extreme caution by a surgeon highly skilled in the arts of rhinoplasty and injectables.  CONTINUE READING

What should I ask my doctor during rhinoplasty consultation?

First & foremost, it is important that you consult with a surgeon who is Board Certified.  This ensures that they meet a strict set of criteria which are very important when considering a rhinoplasty, as it takes quite a bit of skill and experience to perform one successfully. The second question you need to ask CONTINUE READING

How is rhinoplasty surgery different in men vs. women?

In any rhinoplasty surgery, bringing balance & harmony to the face is the goal.  For men, this is very important since a nose that appears feminine would in fact detract from the face.  A poorly shaped or disproportionate nose not only affects your appearance but can also impact your self esteem.  The end result should CONTINUE READING

The most important thing in surgery of the nose is balance

Though the nose is in the most prominent location of the face, it should never take “center stage” to the facial features.  That is, the nose should always should compliment the face, not dominate it.  If the nose is too prominent, it will draw attention away from the beauty of other facial features.  Likewise, if CONTINUE READING

How do I minimize bruising from a rhinoplasty?

Although bruising after Rhinoplasty isn’t uncommon, following your surgeon’s post operative instructions can assist with minimizing your recovery time as much as possible.  The splints and packing strips used immediately after your surgery assist in preventing swelling and bruising. Also, your surgeon may recommend things like avoiding blood thinning medications such as Aspirin or Vitamin CONTINUE READING

Do nonsurgical nose jobs work?

For some patients, injecting a filler such as Radiesse to the nose can be a good alternative to a Rhinoplasty. Costs can add up over time however, so consider your long-term goals and your budget.  Whether or not a patient is a good candidate depends upon their specific goals and their anatomy. Most filler’s are CONTINUE READING

What should I do about bad nose job results?

I understand how disappointing and frustrating it can be to be disappointed by the results of your initial Rhinoplasty procedure.  I recommend that you look for Plastic Surgeons who specialize in Rhinoplasty procedures.  Nothing can take the place of experience, so don’t be afraid to ask about their experience and of course, always confirm they CONTINUE READING