Do nonsurgical nose jobs work?

Rhinoplasty For some patients, injecting a filler such as Radiesse to the nose can be a good alternative to a Rhinoplasty. Costs can add up over time however, so consider your long-term goals and your budget.  Whether or not a patient is a good candidate depends upon their specific goals and their anatomy.

Most filler’s are generally not permanent, and will only correct specific anatomical issues, not things that may cause problems with your breathing.  They also are only good at ‘filling’, not taking away.  So it is difficult to make an area smaller if that is your goal. They are usually best when used for small irregularities, and are not a replacement for surgery.  Results typically only last up to a year.

There are permanent fillers, but those come with their own complications, and may be inferior to surgery itself.  I recommend meeting with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a consultation, and specifically working with someone who is experienced in this particular use of facial fillers.  During the consultation, you and the surgeon will discuss your goals, and the surgeon can discuss the best options for your unique case.

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