And the ‘Best Nose of 2012’ award goes to…

RhinoplastyIf imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, than the Duchess of Cambridge should be feeling pretty good right about now. Not only is her style emulated across the globe, her looks have even inspired a new trend in cosmetic surgery – look-a-like rhinoplasty.

According to a recent survey released by the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, Kate Middleton’s nose was the most requested rhinoplasty procedure in the UK last year.

So what is it about Kate’s nose that makes it so desirable?

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. However, Kate’s nose looks natural, it has no irregularities and the projection aligns well with the rest of her facial features – making it a sensible choice for women considering rhinoplasty.

While Kate’s nose may be the latest celebrity feature to stir up the masses, it’s not the only one to inspire celebrity look-a-like plastic surgery procedures. Other popular requests last year included Nicole Scherzinger’s eyes and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s lips.

And it’s not just women who are hoping to look like their favorite celebrity. The survey also revealed the most popular male celebrity-inspired looks, which included Robert Pattinson’s jaw, Ashton Kutcher’s cheeks and Zac Efron’s eyes.

Celebrity Look-A-Like Plastic Surgery: Treading the Fine Line

Plastic surgery isn’t meant to make you look like someone else, so requesting a celebrity look-a-like procedure can turn into a red flag for most reputable surgeons.

It’s certainly okay to use celebrity features as a guide for your upcoming San Francisco rhinoplasty, but you should never anticipate an identical look. Just because Kate Middleton’s nose works great on her face, doesn’t mean it would look right with your unique features.

Additional procedures such as cheek or chin implants may be necessary to make a new nose harmonize with the rest of your facial features.

The same goes for every celebrity look-a-like procedure. A good plastic surgeon will be able to take your desires into consideration while also tailoring them to look natural with your face or body.

Choosing a Surgeon: Maintaining Realistic Expectations

It’s important to keep your expectations grounded in reality when considering any plastic surgery procedure. Plastic surgery is meant to enhance your looks, not perfect them. You’ll never look identical to your favorite celebrity, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be happy with your new look.

One of the best ways to develop and maintain realistic expectations is to only work with a reputable plastic surgeon in San Francisco. The best way to ensure your plastic surgeon is reputable is to confirm the following:

  • Board Certification
  • Facility Accreditation
  • Hospital Privileges
  • Reliable Sources
  • Good Rapport
  • Thorough Follow-Up Care
  • Reasonable Costs (Not too expensive or too cheap)
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