Invest Your Cosmetic Surgery Budget in the Most Effective Procedures

Cosmetic Surgery You may be like many people who would like to improve their skin or body contour but automatically assume that you probably couldn’t afford the expense of a procedure.

With modern advances in cosmetic surgery and a new generation of ‘miracle’ anti-aging products available, there are many options which are much less expensive than you might expect. In addition, many procedures which once required a hospital stay and full anesthesia – and the expense that creates – can now be performed in a medical clinic by a board-certified plastic surgeon using local anesthesia

Some of the new dermal fillers such as Sculptra, Radiesse, or ArteFill, can accomplish a fresh youthful look for much less than you may think.  The only way to get started is with a consultation, where all of the financial (and other) questions will be answered.

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