Q&A: Neck lift procedure options

Neck LiftNecklifts can be performed as a stand alone procedure, or as part of a traditional facelift.  In many cases, a patient may not want or need a full facelift, but it depends on the unique issues and goals of the patient.  In simple terms, with the first option, often excess fat is removed, and the platysma muscle is stitched together in such a way as to keep the proper contour.  This is usually done when there is minor sagging in the middle of the chin.

With a traditional facelift however, not only are the above procedures performed but also excess skin is removed if necessary.  This is more often done when there is sagging along the sides rather than the middle of the chin.

Most procedures that truly rejuvenate the neck are surgical in nature. Nonsurgical procedures to improve the neck are usually limited to about a 10-20% improvement at best. Neck lifting can be done with a variety of incisions, around the ear or under the chin being two, and an experienced necklift surgeon can help determine which (either, or both) is the best option for you.

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