Q&A: What are the symptoms of silicone poisoning from breast implants?

Breast ImplantThere is really no such thing as “poisoning” from silicone.  Over the years there have been extensive studies and research done by respectable universities that show medical grade silicone is nontoxic.  This was following intense debate on the risks associated with silicone and silicone implants, and as a result the topic has been thoroughly examined and the fears proven to be unfounded.

Another thing to remember is that silicone is actually found in the body in small amounts, and it abounds in modern day products such as foods and lotions, just to name a few.

However it is possible that if silicone leaks, the body can react to the silicone and get inflamed in the region where the silicone has leaked. This inflammation is not common but is possible, and seems to be more common with older implants. If there are any questions about silicone leaks in your implants, or you fear the possibility see your doctor.

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