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What is a thigh lift?

The thigh lift procedure refers to a medial thigh lift that removes excess, sagging skin from the inner thigh.  This is done by creating an incision that is hidden in the groin area (crescent lift), and sometimes can extend along the inner thigh (vertical lift) depending upon the type of procedure being performed. Excess skin CONTINUE READING

How mini can an outer Thigh Lift be?

This is rarely performed, and it involves a horizontal incision along the hip area.  A minimal incision would not be possible to lift the outer thigh and saddlebag areas.  Most patients who desire this would be interested in a lower body lift if they have excess skin in the abdominal area as well.  As always, CONTINUE READING

What kind of scars should I expect from a medial thigh lift?

The scars for the medial thigh lift are hidden in the groin area, and can sometimes extend along the inner thigh.  Over time, the scars should flatten and become less noticeable.  Exactly how noticeable they end up can depend on several variables. Skin tone and elasticity will play a role, as well as color.  A CONTINUE READING