What kind of scars should I expect from a medial thigh lift?

Thigh LiftThe scars for the medial thigh lift are hidden in the groin area, and can sometimes extend along the inner thigh.  Over time, the scars should flatten and become less noticeable.  Exactly how noticeable they end up can depend on several variables.

Skin tone and elasticity will play a role, as well as color.  A caucasian’s scarring will be less noticeable than the scarring on a dark skinned person.  A person with good skin tone and elasticity will heal better than if the skin has poor tone and elasticity.

Generally though, the scar that is left behind is well worth being rid of the hanging, excess skin which is present before surgery.  Scars can also have a vertical component along the inner thigh, depending on the quantity of skin to be removed.  The best option is to speak with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, have them to perform a physical exam, and go from there.

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