The secret to a natural looking facelift

Facelift Especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, facelift patients prioritize a natural non-operated appearance.  And there is no procedure where plastic surgery can be more apparent than a facelift.In the 70’s and 80’s the popular technique was to just pull on the skin to tighten things up, but we all know where that got patients: straight to a wind-blown appearance.

The secret to a balanced, non-operated look, is for the surgeon to utilize one of many techniques that are available to lift the structures (called the SMAS) deep to the surface of the skin, while closing the skin incision under minimal tension.Only by emphasizing a SMAS-based procedure can a surgeon treat the skin kindly and therefore avoid the tension being placed on the skin, with the abnormal facial appearance that this causes. All of my facelift and partial facelift procedures are performed with a SMAS lift because, quite simply, it’s the most natural result available.

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