What I like about Radiesse

RadiesseRadiesse (formerly called Radiance) is a filler that provides instant results like Restylane and Juvéderm, but is made of a different material called hydroxyapatite. This is a calcium-based compound that is very similar to the natural material that makes up our bones (but of course it is in an injectable form). Because of its different ingredients, Radiesse lasts longer than hyaluranic acid dermal fillers, usually up to 12-18 months. It can’t be used for the lips, but Radiesse is excellent for the nasolabial and mental folds.

Therefore, Radiesse is an excellent balance between instant results and a longer duration of filling.  For patients who would like a durable filling of the nasolabial folds of the face, Radiesse is one of the very best options available.

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