Does Your Face Suddenly Look Upside Down?

Facial RejuvenationYou are not alone, you know that perfect triangular face your mom always said you had, and age has flipped that over for you. When you chin and neck appear larger than the rest of your face, it’s time to consider what choices are out there.

Research the options available, you won’t need all of them but it will help you pick the ones that you think will help. Then, get a consultation and don’t act surprised when they recommend something entirely different. Their experience gives them the edge, they see how it all turns out, so let yourself to be persuaded.

The Choices

Fillers and line erasures are all the rage, surgery if any is minor and the results last a fairly long time. The bruising and down time is shorter than ever too. The type of filler you need may depend on the place its put. Be sure to ask the pros and cons of each suggestion, and then make an informed decision at the end.
You can get your eyebrows and eyelids redone, your chin, cheeks replaced, and your nose honed to a fine sculpture. You can even get those elephant ears reshaped and reduced and your forehead shortened. Heck, you might need to put on a nametag so you’ll know who you’re looking at in the mirror.

Cheeks or No Cheeks

While one line is forming to have cheeks implanted, another is to have theirs reduced.
Does it ever fail, we all see ourselves differently than others do. Let’s face it – we have had more time to pick out the worst points and they seem to be getting larger.
In the end, your goals have to be reasonable and tolerable physically and financially.
You don’t want to look great and then be too sick to strut your stuff, so be cautious.

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