Q&A: What is a mini tummy tuck?

Mini Tummy TuckThe mini tummy tuck procedure is used to remove and tighten excess, loose skin and the fascia that is only below the belly button. This procedure involves a shorter incision and sometimes a faster recovery period.

This procedure can be a good option for women suffering from C-section scarring and minimal loose skin, or a female that has good muscle tone in the area above the belly button.  It’s not recommended for everyone.  If the patient has fascial weakness in the upper abs as well, the result can end up looking unsatisfactory, with a bulge in the upper area, and a flat lower area.

There are now procedures being done that offer tightening of the entire abdominal fascia with just a minor lower ab incision, rather than an incision around the belly button.  However, this technique can be difficult and require specialized equipment, so those are some things to take into consideration before choosing the right procedure for you.

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