What causes stretch marks from breast augumentation and how can it be avoided?

Breast ProceduresFirst, take note of what the marks look like.  If you notice marks after surgery that look a bit blue in color it’s possible that the implants have made the veins in your breast tissue a bit more noticeable.  Those aren’t stretch marks, and there will not be much you can do to reduce their appearance.

If they look a bit red in color, it’s possible they are stretch marks.  Whether or not you get stretch marks is often left up to genetics.  If you are prone to getting them, it will often show up in areas like your outer thighs or arms during rapid growth spurts.  There is really no way to avoid them, or to predict in whom they may occur beforehand.

Skin elasticity plays a large role in whether or not your skin can stretch to accommodate implants without leaving marks.  If you are young the skin’s elasticity will be higher than if you are older.  You can also try to improve elasticity using moisturizers.  Data is not conclusive as to whether or not emollients like cocoa butter can help, but they certainly don’t hurt.

So for patients concerned about stretch marks I’d recommend a skin care regimen rich in moisturizers and emollients for at least a week before, and for a month after surgery.  I’d also recommend discussing all potential problems or issues with your surgeon beforehand, so that you’re well prepared for everything.

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