4 Important Things to Look For in Before and After Photos in Plastic Surgery

Have you tried taking a photo of your favorite celebrity at a salon for the hairdresser to pattern your new ‘do’? While it may have worked a couple of times, there’s also the possibility that you have been told that it won’t work for your hair type or face shape. The same thing can actually happen to you in plastic surgery.

Here at our Union Square plastic surgery practice, we encourage our patients to go beyond reviewing before-and-after photographs online. We also want them to ask for the photos during consultation and check for the following:

1. Ask for photos with previous patients that are similar in your age, height, weight, build, gender, and perhaps ethnicity.

Aside from providing you a realistic picture of what to expect, choosing photos that resemble more of your physical attributes can help you visualize yourself post-surgery. This will help you make better decisions pre-surgery.

2. Check for symmetry.

Although perfection is not the ultimate goal in plastic surgery, a good plastic surgeon will certainly be knowledgeable in the science and art of balance. Look closely for symmetry in the right and left eyes, cheeks, arms, breasts, thighs, hips, or whatever body part you think needs improvement.

3. Look for consistency in the photos.

This means the same amount and quality of lighting is used and the patients do the same pose between before and after photos. A highly experienced plastic surgeon has nothing to hide thus consistency in the formatting of photos will be apparent.

4. Check for scars in the “after” photos”.

Like all types of surgery, cosmetic surgical procedures will eventually produce scars. However, an experienced plastic surgeon knows how to make scarring as inconspicuous and tiny as possible. To further investigate about scarring, ask how long after surgery were the photos taken. By and large, an incision days after surgery may appear pink and more visible while a photo taken after 6 months will most likely reveal a minimal scar or no noticeable scars at all.

Keep in mind that the photos you’re reviewing are probably the plastic surgeon’s best work. It should not be the sole factor to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon. Instead, reviewing before-and-after photos should serve as a tool to communicating to your surgeon what it is that you want as an outcome of your own plastic surgery procedure.

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon in Union Square, San Francisco

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