Q&A: What is a mid-face lift?

Mid-Face LiftA Mid Face Lift, also called a Partial Face Lift or “Cheek Lift,” focuses on improving the cheeks when the neck is not an issue. The incision is usually mainly in front of the ears and well hidden within the folds in that area.  It does not address the lower two thirds of the face like a traditional Face Lift will. There are of course other techniques used, and every surgeon will have their own preferences on preferred techniques.

Many people mistake this procedure as an alternative to a traditional Face Lift, but it isn’t.  A Mid Face Lift is newer procedure meant to decrease hollowness and make the Mid Face and lower eyelid areas have a more pleasing appearance.  They will typically not address the neck and may do little for the nasolabial folds, which is what a regular Face Lift will address.

It is important to choose a very experience Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a procedure such as this, as the lower eyelid area is very delicate.  Extreme care must be exercised when operating in this area, and some say it is one of the more challenging areas to perform surgery on.

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