What I like about Scultpra

SculptraSculptra is a great filler for patients that want the longest-term result possible but don’t have a problem waiting a bit for the full effects of treatment. All of my Northern California and San Francisco Sculptra patients made the choice to use Sculptra because they prioritize a natural appearance. And the nice thing about Sculptra is that when the filling is complete, it is the patient’s own natural tissue that is doing the filling.

Sculptra has gotten a bad rap because of reports of nodules beneath the skin that can form.  Fortunately for me and my patients the technique I use is working to reduce the incidence of firm areas beneath the skin to less than 1% of patients. For me, as long as a patient has a few months to see the full effect of the volume, Sculptra is one of the best choices for facial filling.

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