The ultimate in recycling: Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting

Fat GraftingFat grafting is the process of removing excess fat from one part of a patient’s body by liposuction, processing the fat removed, and then selectively injecting it into other areas of the same patient’s body.

Fat grafting has been in use for years for facial reshaping and to replace sunken areas caused by aging, surgery, or wasting illness. Esthetically satisfying results can be obtained, and since the patient’s own body fat is used the risk of allergic reaction is minimized.

A newer application for fat grafting is for facial rejuvenation.We are discovering that facial aging is more due to volume loss than skin sagging, and facial fat grafting or other volume replacement might be the only thing needed in some patients with early facial aging.

See your board certified plastic surgeon to discuss whether you are a candidate for fat grafting for facial rejuvenation.

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